CT Info Pvt. Ltd. has served numerous organizations throughout various industries including luxury travel, the cruise industry, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, fashion, e-commerce, art sales, diamonds, jewelry, and watches.

Our global clients are shining in their respective fields at the top position. Fiori Diamonds LLC, based in Florida USA, caters to Disney Cruise lines and Disney Hotels. The company is contracted with an authorized Disney jewelry designer and manufacturer. Fiori Diamonds carries out special events for Disney selling fine jewelry and exclusive Disney logo jewelry on various Disney ships and hotels. Fiori has utilized all of CT Info resources to grow their business model by using all of the office Back end services to keep costs down. On the software side, CT Info has provided software tools that allow Fiori Diamonds to do what it does best, sales. Sophia Fiori is an internationally recognized high-fashion designer diamond brand based in Southern California since 1979. Today, Sophia Fiori is the number one designer diamond brand within the cruise industry, hosting multimillion-dollar diamond trunk shows onboard luxury cruise ships in Alaska, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe, Australia, Canada/New England and South America. Sophia Fiori also caters to Hollywood clientele with frequent appearances on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, Oscars, and Emmys. The company's success is largely driven by its strategic distribution, POS management, media development, e-commerce website design and programming, manufacturing and inventory database development, as well as weekly business analysis, these all are performed by CT Info Group.

Another satisfied client is White Diamonds, a highly innovative diamond company specializing in extraordinary diamond sales including extremely rare and exclusive stones. White Diamonds caters to diamond investors and connoisseurs with personal white-glove concierge service. CT Info has played a key role in the development of the company with contract IT and Accounting Services.

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